Core Protection Aero Gloves - Neochrome *REFLECTIVE*

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CORE Protection brings you one of the best riding gloves you will ever use! With our Skin Fit design you will forget you have gloves on whilst riding without sacrificing performance. All our gloves are touch screen friendly so you can keep your Instagram game strong without taking your gloves off, *just make sure your following @coreuk ;-)* Designed for maximum comfort and performance the CORE gloves improve grip, reduce sweat and keep your hands warm whilst riding. CORE’s grip enhancing design allows for maximum feel and responsiveness whilst riding without having a bulky glove on your hands. Change the way you ride with CORE Gloves!

CORE Glove Features:

– Skin Fit design

– Sweat absorbing micro fibre cloth over thumb

– Grip enhancement

– Touch screen thumb and index finger

– Ventilation holes

– Velcro rubber strap

– Rubber side tag

– Breathable and smooth printed upper

– Reinforced thumb area (where most gloves rip)

– Premium materials throughout

– Perfect for riding bikes and scooters

– Sold as a pair