Eagle Supply Wheel H/Line 1/l X6 Panthers 110MM

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Eagle's new hard line 1 layer aluminium X6 cored wheels.
Made from a 6061 certified aluminium extrusion and machined to shape.

Hand poured in Holland with urethane according to our Eagle's developed formulas.

These Hard Line 1-Layer 110mm wheels are the next step in personalizing your scooter according your riding!

• Size: 110mm
• Width: 24mm
• Hardness: Panthers (Slightly Harder than Snowballs)
• Core: X6 Aluminium
• Bearings: Eagle Performance 608 RS
• Available in Various Colours

Hard line 1 Layer wheels are specifically designed for Freestyle scootering.
The specs are properly balanced to bring maximum benefits to any type of rider.
The names of the wheels refer to back in the days when Eagle Supply wheels were the only scooter wheels around and each wheel was custom made for our Eagle Supply riders.

3 different hardness all above the “Standard” Hardness!!
Each Model comes with its own Hardness in Urethane:

• PANTHERS: just above the Snowballs Hardness

At Eagle Supply, Eagle understand the science behind making the perfect urethane mixture specially for use on scooter wheels.