Scooter Workshop

What We Offer

Onboard Scooter Co specialise in scooter repairs, servicing, custom builds and part fittings. We offer the most competitive rates and a quick and affordable service ensuring your scooter avoids mainstream prices. The repairs are operated by scooter riders who have experienced possibly every fault when it comes to scooters.

The services we offer include :

Scooter Dialling – £15 plus parts

This is where we will check over your scooter to see where the rattles/ noises are coming from. This is usually a combination of wheel bearings, headset bearings and spring brakes. 

Wheel bearing replacement – £5 per wheel plus parts

We can service your wheels and get them rolling smooth again. Simply post your wheels to our store or drop them in to our store. 

Headset bearing replacements – from £5 to £15

Scooter headsets take a lot abuse and need to roll smooth in order to whip it round fast. We install integrated headsets for just £5 and also install non-integrated headsets for £15. Fitting non-integrated headsets is generally more expensive as the headset cups need to be removed and reinstalled.

Specialist Parts Fitted

When it comes to fitting new parts this can be difficult for the beginner rider. Onboard Scooter Co fit parts bought from us for free when you spend over £100. There are some exceptions as not all parts are tricky to fit so wherever we can help we always will. Thats the beauty of shopping local!

The services we offer may vary in price depending on the job. Onboard Scooter Co prides itself with a super fast turn around and specialist mechanics that understand a rider’s needs and how a scooter should perform.