Blunt Envy Thermal 650mm Stunt Scooter Bars

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The Blunt Envy Thermal bars are a classic "T" bar design made from high quality 4130 Chromoly, thermal treated to 35 on the Rockwell scale making them close to spring steel, allowing flex and rebound back to original shape.

The Thermal Bar is 650mm high and 600mm wide weighing 1.2kg Thermal Bars are designed strong for the hard core riders.


  • Compatible Compression Types (see important note below): SCS

  • Bar Height: 650mm / 25.5 inches

  • Bar Width: 600mm / 23.6 inches

  • Material: Chromoly Steel

  • Outer Diameter: Standard (31.8mm)

  • Inner Diameter: Standard (28mm)

  • Slit Cut out: No

  • Weight: 1200grams

  • Backsweep: No

  • Recommended Clamp Size: SCS