Eagle Supply Radix Fork

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Eagle Supply Wheels: Forged Radix HIC/SCS Fork

Our new Radix line needs a fork that adapt the 115mm x 30mm wide wheels.

These cold forged forks are available in SCS and HIC versions and will fit the Radix wheels perfectly.

• Cold Forged Fork for Radix wheels
• Fits wheel size: up to 115mm
• Fits wheel width: 24mm and 30mm
• Cold Forged and CNC machined
• HIC Model (Long Neck)
• M8 axle + nut included
• Powder coated in Black

They will also fit any other 24mm wheel up to 115mm as these forks will be delivered with spacers for 30mm and 24mm wheel, Comes with an M8 axle + nut.

Make sure you buy your Eagle Supply wheels product from an authorized local dealer or distributor.

Ride confidence, ride with pride, ride the original, Eagle Supply.