MGP R Willy Signature Handlebars

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The first release in the MFX Scooter Parts range were R Willy Scooter Bars and the demand for these 3D forged signature scooter bars has been consistently high since their release.

Ryan Williams is regarded throughout the industry as one of the best riders out there with numerous “World Firsts”under his belt. He is one of the stars of the hit MTV show Nitro Circus as well as a pro rider for the MGP Pro Team,for over 10 years.

Also included on the R Willy branded display box is a URL/QR Code to take you to the instructional edit from the man himself, showing how to set up his Signature Bars and how to cut to size if needed.

Stock is extremely limited so please pre-order to avoid missing out on these highly sought after bars.


  • 3D forged design means no welds or joins

  • 25" wide x 26" high

  • 900g weight

  • Can run either SCS or IHC

  • Includes R Willy Bar Ends and IHC Shim (82mm x 1mm)