MGP VX8 Extreme Scooter Deck

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MGP VX 8 Decks

In recent years, the trend for custom scooters has sky rocketed. With this, and for the first time, MGP have released a selection of VX8 Scooter Decks alongside the range of VX8 Scooters to allow riders complete customisation.

All VX8 Scooter Decks are internally fluted for weight reduction, without compromising on strength. In addition to this, each deck is individually heat treated using the T4 and T6 treatment methods. This ensures a structurally strong and durable product is created.

Each VX8 Scooter Deck features the patented, 3D forged, signature MGP curved downtube. This is then robotically welded to the scooter deck. Robotic welding provides an extremely high consistency and accuracy - which is unmatched by manual welding.

Whether it is a VX8 Scooter Deck only, an MFX deck or a complete MGP scooter, you can be assured that with the robotically welded downtube, it is precisely measured to meet the exceptionally high standards, set by MGP themselves.

Spec: VX8 Extreme Deck
Width: 4.8"
Length: 20.5"
Fluted: Yes
Downtube Inserts: No
Deck Blocks: Yes
Finish: Anodised/Neo Chrome
Weight: 1.66kg (3.65lbs)